The Insomniac Jetsetter: An Introduction

There’s a certain time of the day, when the world goes to sleep, and a tranquil serenity falls on the city: this is the hour of the nighthawk. This is the hour when creativity truly comes alive – for we are no longer burdened with the travails and distraction of daily life, we are able to open our minds and go wherever it takes us…

In other words, I like staying up late – and this sometimes does develop into full blown insomnia. And like almost everyone else, I enjoy travelling. And thus, the Insomniac Jetsetter was born.

However, my opening paragraph isn’t just some verbose balderdash – when the world around you is asleep, it truly is a time of enchantment and wonder…

So welcome to the Insomniac Jetsetter blog – where you will find my thoughts on my travels, and all the adventures I encouter!


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