Cathay Pacific (Business Class)

Flight: CX162 (Cathay Pacific)
Route: Sydney to Hong Kong
Class: Business

I love Cathay Pacific. I really do. People always go on about Emirates or Singapore Airlines, but for me – I love to fly Cathay. It’s more than just the seat and the price; the service is just amazing.

I will admit that I was leaning towards flying Qatar over Cathay for this long trek across the world – both airlines had similar prices – however Cathay afforded me a stop in HK (anything to satisfy my yen for dumplings!).

Business class on Cathay is always a treat; however some frequent fliers of other airlines might find one or two things lacking. There is no inflight bar, and (unless you’re taking the new A350 flights) no inflight WiFi. This isn’t a big deal for me; I prefer to enjoy the serenity of being disconnected from the world below.

I will say one small thing bugged me, and that is the inflight entertainment offerings felt slightly lacking. Maybe it’s just that I’m used to the insane choice that Netflix offers me on the groun – but I found myself watching stuff on my tablet rather than on StudioCX.

Oh well – still definitely worth it!






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